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7024 welding rod

The 7024 welding rods are manufactured in such a way to be used only in flat and horizontal positions. It is because of the fact that the puddle is big and the flux solidifies the molten metal very slowly.

The rod is beneficial as it does not require the use of an oven. It lays down a lot of weld metal. It helps in making a weld which is smoother. The slag comes off easily and makes the clean up stress-free. But, it has a high heat input which is not considered to be desirable.

7024 Welding Rod-Review Of Blue Demon Rod

Blue demon rods

The 7024 welding rod manufactured by the blue demon company, has rod sizes of 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32” diameter. It is made of 5# plastic. The product is made in China and it weighs about 5.2 pounds. It does not require any battery to operate.

What are the key features?

The blue demon welding rod has an unmatchable bead appearance and a self-cleaning slag to provide user benefits. The electrode has good weldability and excellent mechanical properties. The rod is used in various applications such as in building ships, bridges, structural steels, machine bases, truck fabrication, and storage tanks. It is a high-speed rod with an electrode that is coated heavily with iron powder, enabling high deposition on horizontal and down held welding.

What is the working mechanism?

The rod falls under the drag rod type, where the rod is coated with thick iron powder which helps to drag the end of the electrode along the joint and the wire core is recessed naturally at the perfect arc length within an inverted cone formed by the coating at the tip. The tight arc length helps in concentrating the energy of the arc which in turn improves penetration, which controls weld pool as a result of which you can drag it lightly to the tip of the rod down the center of the joint and maintain a suitable arc length.


If dialed properly, the slag coating on the rod lifts on its own and gets peeled easily off the bead as you perform welding. It is useful for welding uphill to help in keeping the heavy slag behind the arc. This helps in producing very smooth and attractive welds in flat and horizontal profiles.

Customer feedbacks

The product has gained mixed reviews as feedback. The positive reviews state about the effortless laying of the electrode, the stick which helps in the drying of moisture and the effective usage in heavy duty building.

The negative reviews state that the arc does not stay to be consistent and requires restricking often, hard to burn it uphill, and the slag that is heavy to be removed.


With the reviews and ratings by the customers, it is clear that the rod is effective to perform heavy duty welding and is beneficial in most cases with its features apart from the factor that the improper technique caused by traveling too fast causes slag to be trapped in a large amount in the bead.

Do you own a blue demon 7024 rod? Write to us about the pros and cons.

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