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AR500 plates are used as body armor  to protect the body from the rifle. It is a bulletproof one. It can be used at the times of war. Ceramic ar500 provides protection to your body. It plays a major role in protecting your life from the enemies.We have featured this article with the required details of AR500 plates.

What Are AR500 Plates

AR500 Plates

AR500 plates are made of steel and it resists the corrosion, slide wear, rub wear and heavy wear.  It has to be coated with PAXCON to make it stronger. It is the best suitable plate for all kinds of rifle except 338 and 50 cal. As it can withstand the repeated shots from the bullets, the plates do not get damaged  easily. With the help of heat treatment process, the steels can harden. It is available in different thickness. The weight of the plates can detect its ability. Some lighter weight plates are not capable of  holding the multiple hits.

It is about 10 to 12 inch long. The plates weigh about 7 1/2 pounds making it portable. Usually, flat and curved plates are preferred by all. It can be used daily. As it is elastic in nature, the steel plates can bend to various shapes accordingly.

Even at low temperature, it can withstand any kind of stresses. So it is considered to be one of the best plates. It can be used in all weather climatic conditions. It is one of the most wanted product.


The cost of the plates varies according to the sizes and materials used to make plates. Small sized plates cost lesser than the large sized plates. Initially, the price of the Ar500 plates starts from $8.00 to 50.

Heat Generation

It is required to heat the plates to make it more brittle so that it can be a long lasting one. It does not undergo corrosion easily. Heat is generated while cutting the plates. The laser uses a high amount of energy to cut the steel effectively. Water submerges plasma and produces larger heat while cutting the plates and softening the edges. Plasma cutting costs cheaper than any other methods.


It is used effectively in the mining industry, truck-trailer industry, and in the concrete industry. It secures your life effectively . Hence, it is considered to be the safest product. The rifle is not capable of penetrating easily into the plates.


Sometimes the plates can be cracked by the rifle and  damage it.  The rifle penetration is based on the amount of force applied. With high force, it can cause injuries.

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