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 Welding is an important process found all over the world. As there are three types of welding used widely, it is necessary to make a comparison between these welding. The comparison will make you choose the best welding method. The three welding methods and their comparison are as follows.

Arc vs MIG vs TIG- A brief comparison

Arc welding

The arc welding is commonly referred as stick welding and is used widely in all regions of the world. This is the oldest welding process and is also the cheapest process compared to other types.

Working-Stick welding is a versatile method and there are many specialized electrodes designed for this welding. The specialized electrode is designed specifically for hardening, high-strength, stainless cast-ion etc.

Benefits-The important feature of arc welding is it does not require any external gasses to protect the metal. During the welding process, the material will itself produce a gas that will keep the metal safe from atmospheric oxides and nitrides. This method is widely used for heavy metal welding.

Downside-The important drawback for this process is the formation of slag. The formation of slag reduces the efficiency of the metal.

MIG welding

The MIG welding is also referred as gas metal arc welding. This uses a solid metal electrode for the welding process. The efficiency of this welding process is very high.

Working-This welding is usually performed by the well-trained people. The welder needs concentration while performing this welding. The welder should use the two hands, one hand is for feeding the electrode and the other hand is for handling the welding torch. This process usually prefers a constant power supply. This welding takes place in a secured environment.

Benefits-The important feature of MIG welding is it uses external gas support to keep the metal save the material from the fusion defects. The gasses preferred for this welding process is carbon dioxide. The flux welding is also similar to that of MIG welding; the only difference is it uses a tubular metal.

Downside-An important disadvantage of this welding is that the cost of this welding process is very high compared to arc welding.

TIG welding

The TIG welding is referred as gas tungsten arc welding which uses non-consumable tungsten metal. The TIG welding is also referred as heliac welding. This welding is also a versatile welding that is used to weld thin metals. Tungsten electrode is preferred in this welding because it has high melting point and it does not melt.

Working-So in TIG welding process the metal does not corrode and the slag is eliminated in this welding. This process also has the use of various gasses to improve the welding atmosphere.These gasses save the metals from the atmospheric oxygen and nitrogen. Commonly used gasses in the TIC welding are argon and argon-helium gas.

Benefits-It is one of the cleanest welding processes. It offers weld with high quality and strength.

Downside-An important drawback of this welding is the cost, the equipment cost high than other welding processes.

To summarize Stick welding is considered to be the best of all the three methods. Besides,choose MIG for welding outdoors. The TIG is the slowest of all the methods. Based on your needs and the working conditions choose the one which bests uits you.