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Welding is a fabrication process that joins two materials like metals; thermoplastics etc. this process generally melts a filler metal that brings the base metal together. There are also many improved varieties of the welding process, such as gas welding in which the materials do not melt. The various types of welding process include arc welding, gas welding, electrostatic welding etc. Generally in arc welding, sparks and light beams are emitted. This beam will affect the eyes and various other parts of the welder. To avoid these consequences, various security measures should be given to the welder. These measures include a welding suit, welding gloves, and a helmet.

Among these, the welding helmet is very important to save the eyes of the welder. There are many types of welding helmets, among them, the auto darkening welding helmet is very useful as it is built with  modern technology. There are various types of welding helmets and the best welding helmets are as follows.

Antra AH6-260-0000 

This is a solar powered welding helmet with auto-darkening technology. This helmet is suitable for all types of welding that emit light such as, arc, Mig, tig, plasma welding etc. This helmet has a magnifying lens. The viewing size is very large as it provides comfort to the welders. There are four premium light sensing sensors in this helmet. This helmet also has a step less delay and the sensitivity knob is adjustable. The weight is very less and automatically switches from light to the dark state.

Urparcel Welding Helmet 

This is an auto darkening welding helmet with solar power. This helmet works automatically without manual work. This helmet is powered by a lithium battery with solar backup. This helmet also has a large window with goggle assembly in it. The light sensor and other sensors are placed outside the helmet.  The sensitivity of the sensors can be adjusted to offer stability and comfort.


This helmet is also a solar powered auto darkening helmet that reduces the need for a replaceable battery. The important feature of this helmet is that it has 9-13 shade adjustability features. This helmet is constructed with the help of sturdy,durable and high-impact nylon. The viewing area of this helmet is very large to provide comfort and easy welding. The sensitivity and the fitness can be adjusted by the welder and provides comfort for the user.

Instapark ADF Series GX-350S 

Instapark welding helmet is an auto darkening welding helmet that switches from light to dark in 1/15000 seconds. It delivers maximum optimal clarity to minimize eye fatigue. It also has various other features like large viewing area, variable shade adjustment etc. This helmet is suitable for arc welding, MIG, TIC etc. The weight of this helmet is very low and provides support for the welder.

With the above details,choose the helmet which best pairs your needs.If you find this article to be useful,share it on social networking sites.

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