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Product description

The Hobart handler 140 is a wire feed, Flux cored MIG welder that is capable of providing performance of an industry welder with an ease at home. The welder is capable of operating up to 140 volts, which is higher than the products of this range. With this, it delivers welding for common household fabrication process. As it is a MIG welder equipped with a flux core function, it can weld metals of both thin and thick size up to ¼ inch thickness. Hence it is considered worthy for performing basic home maintenance works.

Key features and benefits

The priority feature is that it can be operated at a normal 115 household current. It features settings with 4 output voltages which make it easier to deliver smoother performance even in metals with more thickness.  When the welder is not in use, the welder remains electrically cold with the help of the built in contactor. The wire feed tracking makes it easier to use and set at various adjustments for different metal thickness. It has an integrated wire feeder which is equipped with a quick release tension lever which enables the machine to be fed with adjustable tensions, thereby making the threading easy. The presence of Dual- groove drive rolls facilitates easy switching between metal thicknesses. The polarity is convenient to change and enables arc performance to be better.  The product comes with a thermal overload system which sets on its own and provides protection in all the tedious tasks being performed. It also offers protection against short circuiting and overload.   It has a duty cycle of 20% even at 90 amps making it to perform better.


  • Even during the low power supply, it offers effecting wire feeding.
  • Does not require any additional skills to operate.
  • Less weld spatter.
  • Affordable to be purchased by everyone.
  • Provides outstanding arc performance.
  • Requires less time for setting up and is convenient to use.
  • It is durable and has a longer life span.
  • Can perform welds in various metal thickness.
  • Can be plugged to any place of power source.
  • Suitable for beginners.


  • As it weighs 60 pounds, it is difficult to transport.
  • Requires gas cylinder for MIG welding.
  • Does not suit the heavy industry operations.
  • It cannot be used with generators.


The Hobart handler 140 is quite low in price when compared to other products with the similar features making it affordable at a cost of about $505. Check the exact price. It is also equipped with the best features among the products of this price range.


The product comes with a 5/3/1 warranty that includes 5 years warranty on transformers, reactors, rotors, stators, stabilizers, rectifiers and brushes and a  3 years warranty for the Pc boards, drive systems, switches, solenoid valves and controls along with a 1 year warranty on plasma torches, contractors, triggers, relays, MIG guns, spool guns, regulators, running gears and field options with the exception of the running gears for industrial use with 90 days warranty.


To conclude, this is a welder which best suits the household operations and recommended for the beginners and amateurs to buy and not for the professionals those who require quality welds with high quality.

In case of queries regarding this product, feel free to contact us to help you.