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Miller Syncrowave 250 Dx is a type of welder which is used to weld the metals. So it widely used in the various industries. By reading the below details, you can get some ideas about the features, specifications, applications and price of the welder.

Miller Syncrowave 250 Dx Review

Miller Syncrowave 250 Dx Welder

Miller synchro wave 250 dx welder helps to join together the two metals into one metal. As it is made of good-quality materials, it is considered to be the long lasting product. It  includes the power source, connectors, running gear, cooler, coolant, remote foot control, water-cooled torch, shielding cups, gas hose, regulator, flow meter, collets bodies, and torch accessory kit with tungsten.


It is specially designed to have  square wave technology which plays a major role in providing stability at the time of welding. It is used to reduce the arc rectification and the tungsten won’t undergo corrosion very easily. It is provided with dual digital welding meters which are used to display the amperage, voltage, and preset values which are clearly displayed on the digital screen. It enhances the accuracy and efficiency of the measurements. With the help of adaptive hot start, you can give arc strikes without any sticking.

Cable hangers are used to present on both sides which are used to supply the power and thus the welding cables are used to prevent the damages of cables or torch. In the front panel, it is specially designed to have consumable storage in which the operator can store and access the consumables very clearly without any difficulty.

Adjustable penetration is used to increase the stability of the arc and prevents the splitting of the tungsten. Last procedure recall is used to recall the last procedure by switching the polarity. The cool mate is used to remove the foreign objects .With the help of fan-on –demand, one can reduce the noise and consumption of power. So the power can be consumed in a great manner. This feature attracts the customers very much.


This type of TIG welder is widely used in the industries. It is used to maintain the metal fabrication, repair the aerospace ship building tube. Customized arc is used to customize the application based on the width of the tungsten and thickness of the material.


  • TIG (GTAW)
  • Pulsed TIG (TGAW-P)
  • Stick (SMAW)


Input Power

  • Requires 1-Phase Power


  • 250 A at 30 VAC, 40% Duty Cycle
  • 200 A at 28 VAC, 60% Duty Cycle

Welding Amperage Range:

  • 3-310 Amps

Net Weight:

  • 378 lb (172 Kg )


The price of the Miller Syncrowave 250 Dx welder ranges from $ 4720 to $ 5000.


It is an expensive product.

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